"This is the day the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it" Psalms 118:24

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's a........

I just wanted to take a minute to sit and share how our morning went. =D

It all started by a early early morning. I woke up at about 5:15 a.m. and tried to convince myself to go back to sleep. I wanted to be rested and ready for the day. Well, about 45 minutes later (after laying there trying to sleep) I just got out of the bed and decided that I would make breakfast, take a shower and then get Hunter and Jarrod up. Around 8:45 a.m. My mother in law Cindy (Jarrod's mom) got to the house, my mom and sister followed about 5 minutes later and then Jarrod got back from picking up breakfast for him and I. =D What a sweet husband I have.

At 9:15 a.m., we all headed out of the house and were on our way to A Stork's View to see our precious baby. I started to get so nervous on the ride over. (I always get jittery when I get to see the baby again.) We arrived and BAM the feeling hit that I knew that Lord willing we were about to find out what the Lord perfectly placed in my womb! This precious little baby that Jarrod and I had made together. WOW, I was so excited/nervous and praying the whole time. My sweet sister Tabitha took pictures of the whole journey which included signing in, getting in the office, laying on the table, the moment we knew, the baby and our precious almost family of 4 and then pictures with all the family. It was a blessing and precious moment to keep forever!

As I checked in all I could think about was how badly I had to use the bathroom, drinking a whole glass of apple juice before was a bit much. I asked the Tech if I could use the bathroom and then come lay down. NOPE, she wanted to wait just a little bit so that my bladder would push the baby up a little further! So, I laid on the sono table and my sweet hubby sat next to me and then the FUN began!!! The Tech started showing me Kinsley moving around and then shortly after she looked at me and asked "Okay, are you ready to know what you're having?" I paused. Of course, I wanted to know soooo badly but I was so nervous. So, I just responded "Not yet, I want to guess just a little more." She said okay and also responded with "I have already seen what it is, so when your ready" then a few minutes pass and I thought I saw something I knew was "the part" and I said "okay I'm ready". Immediately, the did the "potty shot" view and I just KNEW that she was a girl! I think my eyes probably got as big as my head. I just shouted out. "It's a girl, I knew it was a girl." She then showed us the 3 little "hamburger" lines!!! Everyone in the room screamed I think. Jarrod's face was so sweet, he immediately kissed me and was so excited! He just knew!

During the rest of our 30 minute sono, we scanned over the "area" a million times and also did the blood flow look to make sure that there wasn't something that we weren't seeing. and NOPE, She's a girl!! She has the most beautiful little legs! I think that is the one thing I could not believe how long and pretty they were! I was just in awe the whole time! It was an awesome feeling to know what our baby was!

I'm so excited to announce that we are expecting a precious little GIRL!! Hunter is going to be the best big brother to a little SISTER!! I can't wait to see them together!!

I am rejoicing for this precious miracle the Lord is granting us! I am so in love with my gorgeous hubby and 2 babies that the lord graciously gave me. =D

Continuously praying for this growing baby!!!

P.S. a MAJOR update on Hunter coming soon. He's been throwing new stuff at us left and right. =D

My Strong Boy Rolling Over Again!

Down Syndrome Awareness

My sister posted this on her facebook page and its raising awareness for Down Syndrome! Praise The Lord! I have been given the biggest blessing to raise a Down Syndrome little boy and I strive everyday for Him to be given every possibility! Hunter is thriving every single day and is amazing me more and more! He is so strong! Our Doctors are in Awe of him!! My sweet savior has blessed us so incredibly much!