"This is the day the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it" Psalms 118:24

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Independent sitting 4.27.10
(one week shy of 8 months)
Standing tall and Handsome!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Busy Bee...

Hey my sweet beloved brothers and sisters,
It's been such a long while since I've actually been able to sit down and blog about all of our new & exciting events going on in our life. I apologize for being MIA lately! I have missed reading and seeing how all of your families have been doing!

Well here are a few updates on us...

  • On April 16th, The Greene's closed on our first house!! What a great feeling that was! It's funny when all was signed and done and we were official we sat in the car and Jarrod said "closing wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be" (signing all the documents) It went so quickly and much to our surprise we got a few sweet blessings.
1.Our mortgage was cheaper than we anticipated! Praise God.
2. We got repairs made & money to fix other things we needed done!
We feel tremendously blessed. The Lord was so sweet to us.

The last week and a half we have been slowly painting and taking things to our new home. It's so awesome to see things start to come to "life". I can't wait to put the finishing touches in and then have my sweet little family moved in and then have a family Movie/snuggle night! woohooo

here is a sneak peak of the house being painted:
Isn't my Hubby so sweet!! =D Painting the hallway
I tried to draw a tree but I couldn't reach the top to finish.. ha ha..(living room)
Sweet Hunter Added
We have been blessed to have our friends help! We love you guys! (bonus room)

  • This last weekend we had a HUGE garage sale at my mother in laws house for my Brother and Sister in law. All the money that was made went to benefit there funds for In-vitro fertilization (IVF). The garage sale went amazing(praise the Lord) and now they are well on there way to starting a family of there own. We couldn't be more excited for them! Please continue to pray that the procedure goes well and that the Lord will bless her womb during this process!! We serve a mighty and gracious God, who can make all things possible! I pray their need is met! They will be such great parents!

  • Hunter has been doing some pretty awesome new things lately. He has started saying "da da" and it is a CONSTANT thing! woohooo. He has also been putting the sign "daddy" with it on occasion, however most of the time he will say da da but be signing Momma. I am so thrilled to see his achievements!
Hunter has also is on the edge of sitting independently! Today with his ITDS he would sit independently for about 10 seconds then would sway to a slouch position. (but would catch himself with his hands) he has sat like this a few times in the last few days but I thought maybe it was just an "accident" sit. but today he wanted to show us that he is SOOOOO close!

I am in awe of all the things the Lord is doing in my life right now and I am so thankful for all the wonderful blessings he has given us. I pray that I can continue to seek him for my every need and lean on him for strength when I am weak!
Lord, You are worthy of ALL my PRAISE!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Wonderful Ramblings...

As most of you know Hunter is the most verbal baby. Yesterday while we were sitting at the Dentist's office he was talking up a storm and I'm pretty sure that he was saying "Baaa Baaa"( which is funny because he doesn't even take a bottle and we never talk about bottles) and "Daaa Daaa".
I got a video of Him talking today and I caught a little of the "Daa Daa" ramblings! =D
WOOHOO, go Hunter go... 7 months 1.5 weeks old

and Playing with Mommy!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I was just reading another momma's blog and she had an older post talking about her sweet little girl and she posted a song and a youtube video and it really rang some bells for me. It's an old song that I remember from when I was younger. "wonder" by Natalie Merchant
The one lyric that really struck a nerve was this:

"people see me
as a challenge
to your balance
I'm over your heads
how I confound you
and astound you
to know I must be one of the wonders
of God's own creation
and as far as you can see you can offer me no explanation"

It is simply amazing to hear this song so many years after I use to "Jam out" to it with no understanding and now it strikes me on a very different level! It is a level that I am SO proud of! I am so proud to have the Chance to be the momma of a son who people are just astounded by, who they are just in "Awe" of, & that he is achieving so much. Hunter is proving all those pessimistic people he is Just like every other kid and that He is PERFECT just the way he is! God doesn't AND didn't make a mistake when he wove Hunter in my womb, He had a much bigger plan for his life and has blessed me beyond my expectations of what I thought it would be like to be a Momma.

I am so grateful! I sing praises to my creator. Praise God.
Thank you Lord for new understandings and for your PERFECT blessings!!!

"No Words Needed" Monday

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crawling Position!!

Crawling Position (7 months old)

Hunter's newest work ...

His PT showed us how to get him into the crawling position this morning and after a few shots he got it... He stayed like this for 20 SECONDS! woohoo.. He did it about 3 times for us and then got tired... I am SO EXCITED!!

We will continue to work on this and hopefully next visit or so he can show her all on his own.

I just wanted to share my JOY this morning!! Praise the Lord!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Water Toes

It's pool time....
How can I resist that smile! Oh yea, thats right. I can't...
toes going in for a little dip
Sweet baby toes
he didn't even cry, however the water was pretty chilly... (the ledge water wasn't quite as chilly)
look mommy I'm a big boy!
We had such a wonderful and relaxing time by the pool this afternoon.
Thanking the Lord for this BEAUTIFUL weather and time with my Little Family.

Our Easter In Pictures...

Hunter's First Resurrection Day!!
Getting His egg
into the basket it goes
Mommy and Hunter swinging!
Daddy Loving on his sweet boy
(great grandpa) Poppy, the family and Hunter

Our Family Picutre
I love this picture of my boys
Hunter got to see Ducks and chicken on Easter morning!
My little Golfer
Going to find the eggs
Thank You Savior for Dying for a wretched sinner like me. Not only will I praise you on Easter but EVERYDAY I will praise you!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day!!

Happy Resurrection Day
The Reason we celebrate
is because Our Savior
Died for the Sins of the Wretched
and rose on the third day!! Jesus Christ conquered the Grave!
We Serve a Mighty RISEN Savior!

My Strong Boy Rolling Over Again!

Down Syndrome Awareness

My sister posted this on her facebook page and its raising awareness for Down Syndrome! Praise The Lord! I have been given the biggest blessing to raise a Down Syndrome little boy and I strive everyday for Him to be given every possibility! Hunter is thriving every single day and is amazing me more and more! He is so strong! Our Doctors are in Awe of him!! My sweet savior has blessed us so incredibly much!