"This is the day the Lord has made, I will REJOICE and be glad in it" Psalms 118:24

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Surgery Journey!

Our morning started off bright and early at 3:45 a.m. for his last feed. However, Mommy had been up since around 3. Praying and thinking of that day. Fed Mister man, then we woke daddy up around 5a.m. to help get Hunter ready while Mommy got dressed and got the bags by the door. At 6:00 we headed out the door to Wolfson’s!

When we arrived. Chuck, Steve, and Nana were waiting on us and a few short minutes later Big Pa and Grandma Pam arrived to see Hunter before his big endeavor. Uncle Chuck was so sweet to have brought Jarrod and I coffee that morning. We also received some goodies from our church family and nana. We were so blessed to have snacks that morning and our entire stay.
We then proceeded to the 2nd floor to check in. Hunter got his ID bracelets and put on his cute little gown. They then weighed him and he was a whooping 10lbs 8 oz. He gained half a pound in 1 WEEK! Woohoo.. This is Huge for him! After all our checking procedures were done we went back to the waiting room to wait and be called back. Hunter by this point was starving. He hadn’t been able to eat since 4:00 that morning. I felt awful and I couldn’t get him to settle down. So then I passed him to daddy and sure enough. Daddy calmed him and he slept peacefully! What a joy it is to watch my 2 boys together!
At 8:00a.m. we were called back. We sat with Hunter and talked with the nurses, signed the consents, talked to anesthesia and then we Steve came back to pray with us before our sweet baby boy was taken into the O.R. What a blessing it is to have our strength come from the Lord. I could not have held it together without the blessed strength of Jesus Christ! A little bit after our nurse led us to those “Famous Double Doors”. We took our family picture and then kissed our sweet boy and told him we would see him VERY soon! Then the nurse swifted him away. I just quickly walked to the elevators with everyone. I teared up as we left but knew that the Lord was taking good care of my baby. (Remember, the day before when I said that I was going to FULLY trust the Lord, well here was my first step) It was tough to watch my baby be taken away but The Lord is so sweet and gracious and would see me through.
Jarrod and I went back to the waiting room and were accompanied by all of our loved ones. We all got to pray together and just be with each other while Hunter was in surgery. We are truly blessed that we got so many updates during the surgery. Not only by our nurse but by our cardiologist. He is truly amazing and so caring! Around 2:30 we got the call that they were closing up and that he would be ready in about an hour for us to see him! Praise The Lord. Dr. Ettedgui said that everything went amazing and that it was a “Beautiful” repair! My heart smiled and thanked the Lord when I heard those words! When we got to see our sweet baby he was heavily sedated and sleeping well! He looked great for all they had to do! I was so thrilled at this point to see Hunter and be able to touch his sweet hands and face!

Thursday Morning, they decided to take out his breathing tube. I was so excited and nervous. They proceeded to take it our and within seconds he went from stable and well to Not good at all. When it was being taken out he held his breath and all his stats began to fall. The Dr. and nurses began repeating “come on little guy breath” I began to panic and cry. Jarrod kept asking me if I was okay, and of course I said that I was but clearly I wasn’t. Jarrod was being strong for the both of us, I knew that he was just as terrified though. They began to manually pump air into his little body while setting up all the required accessories for the C Pap machine. About 30-45 minutes later, he was stable and being assisted by the C-pap machine. I thanked the Lord for holding onto my little man during that scary process.

Friday morning Hunter continued doing well. We were told that they were going to wean off the C pap and put him on a simple nasal breathing tube. Around mid day they came and removed the C-pap, chest tube and catheter! Woohoo. I couldn’t believe so many things at once! An Added blessing! He was doing fantastic! At this point Hunter only had his Aline (in his wrist) which was removed that evening, Pacing wires (not on the pace maker), and the central line in his neck (for antibiotics and pain meds).

Saturday morning, I woke up and Hunter was awake and very verbal. Cooing and happy! =D His skin looked a little modeled and his heart rate was a little slower than I had seen previously. The nurse said that during the night he was sometimes missing his “P” wave. They decided to give him some meds to help his heart squeeze a little better. It seemed to help quite a bit. Slowly his skin began to look better! All of his stats still looked great! Praise the Lord! His nasal breathing tube was removed around 8. He was so funny and happy to have that thing out. He kept scratching his nose and swatting at it.

Sunday- Hunter is improving so much every single day. He is now eating 3.5 to 4 oz a feeding! That is HUGE for him. His stats are very good today and his coloring is getting better and better. His pulse is strong . They gave him a dose of heparin this morning to make sure that his central line doesn’t clot. He was still getting a blood return from that IV spot, which the nurse informed me was awesome! They are weaning all of his IV drips today and giving to him orally and after a few hours they want to try and get him to a regular floor!! WOW, I can’t believe it! We are so much closer to being home!

Monday- this is our first morning in our regular room. We had a really great night. Hunter woke up in a great mood, smiling and cooing all morning. We got his pacing wires and central line out today! He was really upset from all of that an cried pretty hard for about an hour. I felt so helpless. I couldn’t help him feel better no matter what I tried to do. Mommy wanted all the pain to go away! We then had x-rays and an echocardiogram done. Dr. Ettedgui was in the room during his echo (we really love how personable our dr is) and said that Hunters heart looks great, It is beating well, less leakage than they expect to see (normally after a repair both valves will leak a bit and Hunter only had very minimal leaking on 1 valve), and He is healing great! We were also informed that we will hopefully be heading home tomorrow or Wednesday! We are (Lord willing) going to be home for Christmas!!!!! Hunter nursed for the first time this evening!! What a joy that was!!! After 3.5 months of exclusively pumping he is now a NURSING baby!!! I LOVE NURSING Hunter! It is such a wonderful and sweet time for the 2 of us!

Tuesday- Hunter woke up just cooing away. So we nursed and then went down to get his LAST chest x-ray!! Praise The Lord, It looked GREAT! When we were done we went back to our room and waited for the Dr and Stacy (one of the Dr’s in our cardiology group) to come see us and check out Little man! Stacy came in around 9ish and said that he looks great and that he is recovering just beautifully then stated “so, how would you like to go home today”.. oh those amazing words! I just lit up with excitement and joy to be taking our baby home! Praise God! She said that the Dr would come in to see him then they would get the Discharge papers ready and would have us out of the hospital! Woohooo.. JOY, JOY, JOY! We finished up all the paperwork and were headed out of the hospital around 11:35ish. I can’t tell you enough how AMAZING it was to take those first few steps into our house again! Our Family was now all together and healthy! What a wonderful Christmas blessing!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a sweet gift!

I have been so encouraged this morning! What a joy it is to have read a wonderful journal entry from another godly sister!! I don't even know her, yet her words show her fruit, her love for her almighty savior and her willingness to let GOD be totally in control of her life! What a blessing it is to me to read that this very day!

This morning I have been struggling with "letting the Lord be fully in control". I sit here and wonder if there is anything I can do to help Hunter and I realized there is. I can let the Lord, my Almighty savior here my cries and rely on him to get us through! I can not do ANYTHING without him. He has his hand over all that happens and that will happen. I have to fight my flesh today and not make this about what I can do but What the Lord can do! The Lord calls me to lean on him for strength and he will strengthen me in my time of need! His will is perfect!

Isaiah 41:10
"Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God
I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand."

I don't have words to say how thankful I am to have been given this WONDERFUL opportunity to be given my sweet little boy. Thank you sweet Savior! He is such a joy and everyday I fall more and more in love with him. The Lord has given us this precious baby to instruct and raise for him, I strive for Hunter to know his savior and love him with all his heart!

"And I'll fall facedown,
As Your glory shines around.
Yes i'll fall facedown,
As your glory shines around.

Let your glory shine around,
Let you glory shine around.
King of glory here be found,
King of glory. "

So, today instead of sitting here being terrified and frozen with fear of all the "what if's". I will rejoice! Tomorrow has its own worries right? so why sit and indulge in my fears! I will rejoice in all the time I have had with Hunter so far, the sweet smiles, his sweet little sounds, his cry, how mommy and daddy can calm him in an instant and all the wonderful memories yet to come! I am not going to say that I won't shed tears or sob but I will joyfully remember that The Lord loves and cares for my family! I have hope in a risen savior! I am so thankful for your grace and love for me!

Thank you for listening and please keep us in your prayers. We are so gratful for you all and love you more than you know! Thank you for being loving & supportive!

In Christ's Love

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Heavy hearted..

Well, the upcoming surgery has hit home tonight... I walked into Hunter's room to get a blanket to swaddle him in and I felt my heart sink into my stomach and my eyes start to wail up. I'm not exactly what made my mind think about it that very moment, but It was so overwhelming and it still is. I am TERRIFIED! I feel like there is nothing that I can do for Hunter. Jarrod continues to tell me that we must rely on the Lord for His will for our sweet boy, and I am trying my hardest not to feel like I can control any part of this, I know that only the Lord can. But,I am a fixer by nature, so this is so tough for me. I wish that I could take this all for Hunter. I am so sorry that this post is far from being "all together". I guess everyone has to be vulnerable sometimes. I am sure that it might sound scattered but I am just writing as I am going.

Please continue to pray that I lean on my SWEET SWEET Savior for strength and reliance. I can NOT do this with out him! He has been faithful yesterday and today and I know that He will continue to be faithful tomorrow!

"This is the day the LORD has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it"

Speechless Sunday

Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Gift

I was playing around with a photo editing site and made our little christmas picture for Hunter! Hope you all enjoy and are Praising the Lord for this wonderful time of the year! He is the Reason we celebrate!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Surgery Rescheduled

Good Afternoon Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

Well today would have been Hunter's Original surgery date, However yesterday we completed all of Hunter's Pre-Op criteria (everything was perfect and healthy) and we came home with LOADS of things to prepair and get ready for surgery and then recieved a phone call. Pam (our surgeon's nurse and secretary) said that they were going to have to re-schedule the surgery for Next wednesday due to the patch that will repair the 2 holes didn't come in. They are on a nation wide back hold. She did inform me that they could have done the repair but they wanted to use the best possible patchs on him for a more perfect repair. I was so thankful to hear that they were looking out for my sweet boy! Jarrod and I however was left feeling upset because we had been preparing the best we could emotionally and physically for the surgery in the Morning and now were were going to have to wait another week. I do see this as a huge blessing. The Lord's timing is far better than what we have planned and this is another way the Lord is showing us that he is in control and that no matter how "prepared" we are he can change it at any given moment!

His surgery is now set for Wednesday December 16th at 8:30. however we must get there for more paperwork and get him ready for surgery at 6:30 a.m. There is alot of prep work the night and morning of his surgery for us to do. But it is a joy to be able to take care of my sweet baby and give him all that he needs!

We also talked to the Dr's about family and friends donating blood for his surgery and I would love to extend this to all of you. if you are willing, please feel free to email me and I can give you further details. The deadline to give blood will be this Friday December 11th.Due to the blood alliance needing time to screen, match and test all of the blood and get it ready for the hospital. Hunter is O positive. However if you are not O+ or O- (universal blood type) all the Blood donated will be credited to his account and will help with our hospital bill.

Now for some fun Information:
I am SO excited to announce that Hunter FINALLY weighs 10 pounds!! woohoo
He weighs exactly 10lbs 1 oz
His head circumference is 38 cm which is 4 cm since birth =D
and He is 60cm or 23 3/4 inches long! ths is almost 4 inches since birth!

He is growing so well! I am so excited to hear all the wonderful changes that he is making and this time next week we will be well on our way to having Hunter's little heart working so much easier! =D
I am so thankful for the Lord's wonderful grace to provide the dr's the knowledge and skill to perform this surgery! It brings me so much joy to see the Lord's Handiwork!

We are so thankful for all of your prayers and are so thankful for all of you. We continue to praise the Lord for all that he does and pray for strength and reliance during this.

In Christ's Love,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My sweet blessings....

Hunter On his horse.

Hunter's 3 months old!

Mimi And Hunter

My STUDLY Husband! His smile melts my heart

Again, This man melts my heart! Thank you Sweet Savior for my Husband!

I got the most wonderful gift from my sweet mom! A Canon Digital SLR! This makes my heart smile! I was so blessed to get this early, I wanted to take tons of pictures of my sweet little boy before and after his surgery. I am going to call it "journaling" his journey. =D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Woohoo for Positive results!

Yesterday I recieved a call from Endocrin about his blood results and everything IS PERFECT! All Hunters horomone levels are just as they should be! What A COMPLETE BLESSING! I was so excited when I heard the great news! They said that his body is doing everything that it should be doing!
Thank you sweet Savior for this gracious gift!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Surgery Date Set

Well, the Call came in today... I was awaiting a call back from the cardiologist's office about a question I had reguarding something that concerned me about Hunter's skin color ( a little purple, but has gone away with a warm blanket swaddling him) and when I saw the number I knew that it was the Cardiologist's office, however they were not calling me back with an answer to that specific question. The sweet woman on the other side of the phone informed me that the surgeons had set a date for his surgery, with a lump in my throat and holding my sweet baby so tightly, I asked her the date and she said Wednesday December 9th! I thought, that is only 9 days away! I was shocked with a date so soon. She then informed me of all that would be going on the few days before the surgery and where and when we would need to be.

This is very bitter sweet for me! I am SO incredibly thankful that Hunter will have those 2 holes in his heart fixed and that the Lord gave those 2 doctors the knowledge to perform the surgery, but in the same breath I am SCARED to death, I think i have been trembling since i got off the phone! Its such a weird feeling. I am calm but shaky at the same time. I know the Lord is so faithful and that he is holding my sweet boy in the palm of his hands! Christ has been faithful yesterday and today and I KNOW he will continue to be faithful to our sweet family, we just have to lean on him and let him ALONE be our strength!

"...And I will fear no evil
For my God is with me
and If my God is with me
then whom shall I fear.
Oh no, YOU never let go
through the calm and through the storm
Oh no, you never let go
In every High and EVERY low
Oh no, you never let go
Lord, you never let go of me..."

I am praising the Lord for my sweet baby getting his heart "fixed" and Jarrod and I are Praying for Strength and realiance on the Lord for this upcoming event!
Thank you sweet savior for all you provide!! You are far more gracious than I deserve!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Surgery Updates

Today was Hunter's cardiologist appt and we got to discuss and see how our precious boy was doing. He now weighs 9lbs 12 oz, He hasn't gained that much weight since his last visit but he's still gaining! Yaay! He is still doing really well and eating good. However Dr. Ettedgui feels that it is time to get our surgery plans started! I was upset to hear that its almost time, But I gotta trust that the Lord is going to take care of my precious boy no matter what and that he will give these Dr's the knowledge and skill to preform this surgery well! Its still so nerve wrecking, I wish that I could take it all away... "Be anxious for nothing, but in all things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God"

Dr. Ettedgui will be meeting with his staff of cardiologist's this evening and will discuss Hunter's case and then next thursday they will meet with the board of surgeons to pick a date to perform the surgery. We are thinking that it will be within the next 3 weeks!

Please Continue to pray for My Sweet Baby Boy as well as Jarrod and I as we start our journey down this road.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Excited!

Hunter's Christmas Picture!


Playing on his playtime mat!

Sweet Yawn

I can't believe that he is 2.5 months old!!

Sorry its been so long since my last update. Things around the Greene home have been super busy!
Hunter is now 10.5 weeks old! I can't believe that in just a few weeks he will be 3 MONTHS! he is growing like a little weed! He is now fitting into some of his 3 months clothes && there is one 6 month shirt (fits smaller) that he can wear! Where is the pause button when you need it! =D Man, were does the time go?! We have been taking boo-coo's of pictures and just enjoying all the new things that he does every day! Every day I grow more and more in love with him!

He has been smiling up a storm! When Jarrod will look at him and talk to him from time to time (more times than less) he will smile and let out this sweet giggle! Oh how it melts my heart! I know its not a "responsive/knowing" giggle yet, but sweet none the less!! We are approaching our first family Thanksgiving. I am so excited to have an amazing husband and sweet little boy to share it with! My mom bought him the sweetest little thanksgiving outfit and sleeper! I can't wait to try it on him and take some pictures!

&& of course I have already started pulling out my christmas decor! I know what your thinking, "it's not even thanksgiving yet". I just can't wait! It looks so cute all over the house. Next week we will put up our christmas tree! I'm so stinking excited!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hunter's 2nd Cardiology appt.

Good Morning Beloved's! Just wanted to send an update on how Hunter's Cardiology appt went. He now weighs 9lbs 6 oz and is 22 inches long at 7 weeks old! GROWING BOY! We went back into our room expecting an ekg and and echocardiogram. Our Dr. said that he did'nt have to get hat done because they knew exactly what he had but he would have to get one to update the next visit. The Dr said that Hunter looks good but will have to be on the lowest form of heart meds: Furosemide(its a diuretic) (brand name:Lasix) His heart is starting to work a little harder and his system needs to flush out all the extra sodium that his body is retaining. The Dr. said that this is all part of the slow effects before surgery. We started Hunter on the Meds yesterday afternoon. I just want to see my little man get better! We also have somewhat of a timeline on our surgery. Next month, Hunter will go back in for the tests and then our Dr. will go to a conference with the surgeons who will be doing the surgery and they will go over all his test results and how he is doing then and they will give us a more accurate timeline. It could be anywhere from the end of december till march. However I'm thinking more along the lines of after new year.Please

Pray that the Lord continues to give Jarrod and I strength and reliance on Him through this! I pray endlessly for my sweet little boy. I know that this is the Lord's perfect will for my son. I am so thankful that The Lord is so gracious and sweet and is taking PERFECT care of my son!

Also a few small updates on new things... Hunter is starting to make more new noises every day, now wearing a size 1 diaper (Huggies Little Snugglers) and is really getting the hang of sitting up on his little arms with his head raised!He is starting to smile a little more when he's awake, I'm not sure that its a responsive smile though. I think its just gas or something. None the less, I am so proud of every new accomplishment he makes! I am Praising the Lord and rejoicing in the Small accomplishments! They are all such a blessing!Thank You guys so much for your prayers! You have been such an encouragment to us and we are so thankful for you all!!

In Christ's Love-Sheena

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Strong Boy!

Look at My Strong Boy Go! My Little Miracle!
Hunter Is only 5 weeks and 4 days old!

Hunter is doing more and more new things everyday and well today we had tummy time like we do every day and his head control is getting so much stronger! It is such an amazing thing to see! It's funny the things you get so excited over when your a mom!

Look at him GO!! woohoo.. Gosh, I just love this kiddo so much! Thank you sweet SAVIOR for my sweet sweet blessing!

"Hey Mom" =D
Just wanted to share my excitement!

In Christ's Love,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Marvelous Monday!

Praise The Lord for another beautiful day!
Well, this morning I got an itch to try and take Hunter's "Wedding Ring" shot! And I was really pleased that It turned out so well! I was just playing around with the camera and photoshop and woohoo, Its really cute!! I know I'm such a dork for getting excited over a picture...
Anywho ,I can't wait for REAL fall weather! According to the News we should have some 70 degree weather this weekend! I can't wait... I am going to take Hunter for a Walk and let him enjoy the wonderful weather!!
We got some really awesome news on friday! Hunter will be getting his RSV shot this week! It is being sent to our Pediatricans office today and should arrive tomorrow sometime! That means wednesday through friday we should be able to go and get it! I want to protect my little guys lungs as much as i can! && if we get the shot earlier in the week we might get to go back to church on Sunday! I am so excited! However, if not we are going to be watching the service online until its A-OK to go back!!
Just wanted to update you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Words can't describe...

Words can not describe how amazing it has been to have my sweet baby boy in my life!
I have been blessed with 5 weeks and counting of Hunter's sweet life. Not to mention my sweet pregnancy with him! I would like to expound on that a little....
(this may be jumbled up)
I can still remember the first moment I knew I was pregnant! When I looked down at the pregnancy test, and I saw the Words "PREGNANT" I starting shaking, crying and so excited that the Lord would be so sweet to place a PERFECT baby in my womb! I immediately called my Husband and told him that we were expecting a little gift! What better gift could I have asked for; for Christmas!? I couldn't! =D I was such a giddy pregnant woman! I wanted people to see how much I had truly been blessed! I remember my first Dr's appt and seeing my little bean inside me! && The Ultrasound we went to when Hunter has actual Arms and Legs and was wiggling around & had this VERY STRONG heartbeat! Jarrod melted my heart with this BEAUTIFUL smile that he couldn't wipe off his face! What a blessing to have such an awesome Godly Husband! The Time we found out that we indeed were going to be bringing a little boy into the World! Again, Jarrod was smiling ear to ear and literally called everyone in his phone book and told them! We were over the Moon to know that our Little Hunter Michael was going to be meeting us in a few months! I remember the first kicks and rolls I felt and How amazing I thought that I had a Growing baby in my belly! I began to think about what he would look like, who he would resemble, how he would be as a baby, prayed that he would LOVE the Lord with all his heart and for his salvation! The Day I went into labor, It wasn't as I expected I figured i would have these horrible contractions or if my water broke it would be all over the place! However My Labor was just AMAZING! I would do it over again a million times! I think Hunter spoiled me by letting go into natural labor 3 days before his due date & only a 8 hours!! I also praise the Lord for such a sweet Labor and Delivery! I know that After my delivery Hunter was shortly swifted away, but that was the Lord's perfect plan for us! It was a scary first few hours but The Lord has used this experience to strengthen Jarrod and I. We are learning so much through our Perfect little boy! My compassions are so much stronger!

The Lord has also began to place new things on my heart that I am so excited for! We met a BEAUTIFUL family in the NICU that I often think and pray for! They as well as my own experience in the NICU has given me this BIG yearning to give my time to volunteer in the NICU! I saw so many sweet babies that only had the Nurses and Doctors be with them and that Just broke my heart! I couldn't imagine leaving Hunter By himself and not visiting him for days at a time! I would love to go and sit with these sweet babies and just comfort them and be able to witness to the families that I meet! Please Be in prayer for me on this... It wouldn't be for a little while, but something that I desire...

My Sweet Boy

Here are a few new pictures of my little stud from my birthday dinner last night!
I am so blessed!

I just love that wide eyed stare he gives me! Brightens up my day!

This is his "Okay Mommy, I'm done with pictures" look!

This is what my husband say is his "wink" picture!

My Birthday weekend has been just amazing! I got to spend time with MY LOVE, My sweet son, and my Family and friends! Its been such a blessing! Praise God!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My 24th Birthday!

Mommy and Her Sweet Boy!
5 weeks old today and Mommy is 24!
My sweet sweet Love!
How did I get so blessed with an amazingly HANDSOME STUD!!!
Praise God!

My Expressive little boy! such a wiggle worm

Check out that booty! I love the pockets on those jeans!
Notice how he has a little "mullet" in the back! ha ha I LOVE IT!

"Geez Mom you take so many pictures"

Today is my 24th Birthday!
I can't believe that another year has gone by! This past year has been such a sweet sweet blessing! I got Married in '08, shared a sweet honeymoon with the love of my life, found out CHRISTmas morning that we were PREGNANT with our blessing, experienced all the wonderful joys of pregnancy, taught at VBS for the first time, spent time with friends and family, Gave birth to a 7lb8.9oz beautiful baby boy, CELEBRATED our 1 year anniversary and now Jarrod and I are loving and living our wonderful life with our precious son! I'm so excited to see what the years to come have to offer our sweet family!
Thank you Jesus for such an amazing life and Thank you for being my strength when I am weak! I will praise you through it all! Thank You for your loving kindness!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pediatrican appt =D

Well we went today for Hunter's Weight check, they just wanted to be sure he was gaining enough weight and he's doing great! He weighs 8lbs 11.5 oz now! Over 1.5 pounds since birth! I am so excited that the visit went well!
&& Hunter will be 5 weeks old tomorrow! Time is flying so quickly!
Also, tomorrow is my 24th Birthday! woohoo!
I'm having to be on the emlimination diet for a week due to Hunter having alot of gas an some little bumps on his cheeks that come and go... so no Dairy for me for a WHOLE WEEK!! If any of you know me well enough that is HUGE for me! I am a milk freak! I could drink it constantly! But its totally worth it for my sweet baby!
Well hope everyone is having a great week!
Just wanted to update everyone!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just another day of being His Mommy!

Another day of being Hunter's Mommy! What a Joy my sweet handsome boy brings me! He is making more and more new noises every single day! Sometimes, He will sit in my arms or his swing and make a noise just to hear himself I believe! It's so stinking cute!

His newest thing, which makes my heart break is he will be sound asleep and will make this sad face and wake up just sad and crying! I think he is having bad dreams! I immediately pick him up and console him!

We have another pediatrician appt tomorrow, which I love seeing them! we have such a great pediatrician! Praise The Lord! I can't wait to see how much my little guy weighs! I'm thinking about 9 pounds! He is starting to feel a little heavy now, but he could fool me! We'll see!

My Handsome Boy

Hunter and Grampy! He was so in love with Hunter! I loved seeing them together!

My wide eyed stud!

Sleepy kiddo

Mommy and Hunter, We were having tummy time when he decided that he was starving! =D
I just adore being his mom! Thank you my sweet savior for my sweet blessing!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Prayers For A Beloved Sister In Christ!

I have yet to meet this sweet family but they are in great need for all of our prayers! This family is going through the trial of wanting so badly to adopt this sweet baby girl, right now they are unsure of what the outcome will be with the adoption and there sweet baby is being taken to a mental institution in 2 weeks and adopting from there may or may not be possible!
my heart just aches for Elisabeth (the mother to be).. sweet baby Ruslana needs this family and not some institution! I wish that everyone would see how precious ALL babies are!! Thank You So Much in advance!
Here is Elisabeth's blog, send her encouragment if you would like
& her insert that went along with her blog asking for prayers
Our angel. We found out today that she will absolutely be transferred to the mental institution in 2 weeks. They cannot hold her any longer. We can't be there by then. Please, for those of you who don't know the process, don't think this is by our choice. I can't handle negative comments right now. We want nothing more than to be holding our girl in our arms right now.
I'm angry tonight. SO ANGRY!! How have we overcome so much only to be faced with this heartbreaking situation??!! I KNOW THIS IS NOT GOD and the feelings we have been feeling today aren't either.
Beginning tomorrow at noon Eastern time, I am asking for prayers for our girl. Oh, how about 24 hours of prayer? From noon tomorrow (Friday, October 2nd) to noon Saturday (October 3rd). Please, paste her face everywhere you can. Send an email to everyone you can. Post something on Facebook. I don't care how we do it- we have to get hundreds....no, thousands praying!! 24 HOURS OF PRAYER FOR RUSLANA.
Pray while in the car, while washing dishes, during devotion, while mowing the grass. PRAY!! God CAN move mountains!!
And pray that the next photo you see of her sweet face will be of her's next to mine.
In Him,

My Strong Boy Rolling Over Again!

Down Syndrome Awareness

My sister posted this on her facebook page and its raising awareness for Down Syndrome! Praise The Lord! I have been given the biggest blessing to raise a Down Syndrome little boy and I strive everyday for Him to be given every possibility! Hunter is thriving every single day and is amazing me more and more! He is so strong! Our Doctors are in Awe of him!! My sweet savior has blessed us so incredibly much!