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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

26 weeks preggers and funny stuff!!

Well, On wednesday I went in for my normal monthly check up. I got to do the gestational diabetes testing and PASSED! I eat a lot of chocolate, hence the excitment on passing! I also got to see my sweet boy again, which was a suprise I didn't know I was going to get to do another sonogram! He is getting so big! Kin (our tech) said that he has my eyelashes and some pouty lips! Yaaay, I was so excited I really wanted him to have his daddy's lips! =D He is growing up a storm and measuring about 3 days ahead! maybe we will get to see him a few days earlier! (hopeful thinking)..... However, I realized that in 11-14 weeks we will be meeting our little Hunter! I'm sooo excited! He is started to get MUCH stronger with all of his kicks and movements! I just love it!Okay, so i told you that i had some funny stuff too, here goes- The other day while i was getting dressed i felt something drip on my belly and i immediately thought "not the roof" so i had Jarrod get on a chair and check and sure enough nothing wet!! I looked down and my right boob was wet! yep, its already starting to leak! my left one has a little clear clostrum! Its crazy but really awesome that my body is preparing for Hunter! Its exciting! ha ha.. well i'm off to grab some much needed dinner! yummmmmmmmm

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My Strong Boy Rolling Over Again!

Down Syndrome Awareness

My sister posted this on her facebook page and its raising awareness for Down Syndrome! Praise The Lord! I have been given the biggest blessing to raise a Down Syndrome little boy and I strive everyday for Him to be given every possibility! Hunter is thriving every single day and is amazing me more and more! He is so strong! Our Doctors are in Awe of him!! My sweet savior has blessed us so incredibly much!