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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Surgery Rescheduled

Good Afternoon Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

Well today would have been Hunter's Original surgery date, However yesterday we completed all of Hunter's Pre-Op criteria (everything was perfect and healthy) and we came home with LOADS of things to prepair and get ready for surgery and then recieved a phone call. Pam (our surgeon's nurse and secretary) said that they were going to have to re-schedule the surgery for Next wednesday due to the patch that will repair the 2 holes didn't come in. They are on a nation wide back hold. She did inform me that they could have done the repair but they wanted to use the best possible patchs on him for a more perfect repair. I was so thankful to hear that they were looking out for my sweet boy! Jarrod and I however was left feeling upset because we had been preparing the best we could emotionally and physically for the surgery in the Morning and now were were going to have to wait another week. I do see this as a huge blessing. The Lord's timing is far better than what we have planned and this is another way the Lord is showing us that he is in control and that no matter how "prepared" we are he can change it at any given moment!

His surgery is now set for Wednesday December 16th at 8:30. however we must get there for more paperwork and get him ready for surgery at 6:30 a.m. There is alot of prep work the night and morning of his surgery for us to do. But it is a joy to be able to take care of my sweet baby and give him all that he needs!

We also talked to the Dr's about family and friends donating blood for his surgery and I would love to extend this to all of you. if you are willing, please feel free to email me and I can give you further details. The deadline to give blood will be this Friday December 11th.Due to the blood alliance needing time to screen, match and test all of the blood and get it ready for the hospital. Hunter is O positive. However if you are not O+ or O- (universal blood type) all the Blood donated will be credited to his account and will help with our hospital bill.

Now for some fun Information:
I am SO excited to announce that Hunter FINALLY weighs 10 pounds!! woohoo
He weighs exactly 10lbs 1 oz
His head circumference is 38 cm which is 4 cm since birth =D
and He is 60cm or 23 3/4 inches long! ths is almost 4 inches since birth!

He is growing so well! I am so excited to hear all the wonderful changes that he is making and this time next week we will be well on our way to having Hunter's little heart working so much easier! =D
I am so thankful for the Lord's wonderful grace to provide the dr's the knowledge and skill to perform this surgery! It brings me so much joy to see the Lord's Handiwork!

We are so thankful for all of your prayers and are so thankful for all of you. We continue to praise the Lord for all that he does and pray for strength and reliance during this.

In Christ's Love,

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