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Friday, August 21, 2009

Got The Parts!!!

Yep, thats right we have the parts to fix my AC in my car!!! Its such a blessing! The Lord Provided for our needs once again! =D

Here is a little back story on my Car... It's not an old car by any means, 2004 Axiom! This day started off as a pretty normal HOT SUMMER day, I went for one of my appt's and everything was going great. However on the way home I was waiting at a stop light and when it turned green I went to accelerate and well NOTHING happened! I figured it was a fluke and restarted my car, and tried to turn on the next street to make sure everything was okay.. well about half way into my turn the car shut down again! I am on the phone with Jarrod at this point and i'm FREAKING OUT! I was in the middle of both lanes (on-coming and going) There was a car coming at me that was flashing its lights and honking at me! I couldn't move my car and this other man was acting like i could! i was a mess! Jarrod couldn't even talk to me because i was mumbling so much! Finally he got me to calm down a little bit ( mind you at this point I'm almost 8 months pregnant) A Lady pulled over as well as two men and pushed my car into a parking Lot! which was such a blessing! I then waited on my sweet husband to come and check out what was going on... When he got there we started the car and it died and then we tried again and it STARTED, I was stoked, however when the AC came on it cut off again and thats how we figured out that something Major was wrong! I just began to think "oh no, our baby will be here in a little over 2 months" and we were just then starting to get ourselves financially better from our crazy apartment change!(whole other story) However, I just prayed that the Lord would take care of us again and that we would be fine!
We called Jarrod's step dad and he said he would come to tow us as soon as he could, so we got in Jarrod's truck and went to get lunch and then headed back to meet up with Doug! We towed the car to a shop and they confirmed that it was my AC compressor that went out and that it would be VERY expensive to fix it! at this time we would have to wait and just save money before the baby came!

Also, my sweet husband drove my car to work everyday since with NO AC! While I drove his truck with AC! He is so sacrificial!! I feel so very blessed to have such a caring Husband! I can't thank the Lord enough everyday for providing this man in my life!

&& Here we are now, 2 months Later and Praise The Lord we went and picked up the parts yesterday and the car is going to be getting fixed tomorrow!! woohoo... I am so so so thankful!

&& as of tomorrow I will be 38 weeks! So I hope that after my car gets fixed Hunter will be ready to meet his mommy and daddy!!!

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