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Friday, October 2, 2009

Prayers For A Beloved Sister In Christ!

I have yet to meet this sweet family but they are in great need for all of our prayers! This family is going through the trial of wanting so badly to adopt this sweet baby girl, right now they are unsure of what the outcome will be with the adoption and there sweet baby is being taken to a mental institution in 2 weeks and adopting from there may or may not be possible!
my heart just aches for Elisabeth (the mother to be).. sweet baby Ruslana needs this family and not some institution! I wish that everyone would see how precious ALL babies are!! Thank You So Much in advance!
Here is Elisabeth's blog, send her encouragment if you would like
& her insert that went along with her blog asking for prayers
Our angel. We found out today that she will absolutely be transferred to the mental institution in 2 weeks. They cannot hold her any longer. We can't be there by then. Please, for those of you who don't know the process, don't think this is by our choice. I can't handle negative comments right now. We want nothing more than to be holding our girl in our arms right now.
I'm angry tonight. SO ANGRY!! How have we overcome so much only to be faced with this heartbreaking situation??!! I KNOW THIS IS NOT GOD and the feelings we have been feeling today aren't either.
Beginning tomorrow at noon Eastern time, I am asking for prayers for our girl. Oh, how about 24 hours of prayer? From noon tomorrow (Friday, October 2nd) to noon Saturday (October 3rd). Please, paste her face everywhere you can. Send an email to everyone you can. Post something on Facebook. I don't care how we do it- we have to get hundreds....no, thousands praying!! 24 HOURS OF PRAYER FOR RUSLANA.
Pray while in the car, while washing dishes, during devotion, while mowing the grass. PRAY!! God CAN move mountains!!
And pray that the next photo you see of her sweet face will be of her's next to mine.
In Him,

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