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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ophthalmology Appt ...

Ready to go to his eye appt
Hunter, opening his eyes for the first time after being dilated! Poor baby was scared I'm sure!

Daddy and Hunter

Mommy and Hunter

Well, today was Hunter's eye appt! I was so nervous and was continually praying on the way there and during the visit!
We made the appt to check that there were not problems with his eyes and that he didn't have cataracts or any other sort of issue. We checked in around 8:30 a.m. and they took us straight back to get our information and to put the dilation drops in his eyes!

When they put the drops in his eyes he was still asleep so he didn't really like that people were opening his eyes to put these cold drops in them, but he did great! no crying from my little guy. we had to wait about 5 minutes and then they had to put another set of drops in to assure that his pupils would dilate fully... After all that we went back into the waiting room for about 25 minutes while they waited on his eyes to get finished fully dilating.
We were finally called back into the exam room and our Dr. came in and he turned down the lights so that it wouldn't be so bright for our little guy and did his exam! He used about 4-5 different things to look in his eyes and when he was all finished he told us that everything looks great! He didn't see any sign of cataracts,glaucoma or any sort of issue! What a sigh of relief that was! I was jumping up and down in my mind and smiling so big! I was so happy to hear that his eyes were HEALTHY! woohoo.... Jarrod and I were so so so happy! =D

Thank you Jesus for keeping your hand on my sweet little boy! You are always faithful day in and day out!

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