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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yummy & Messy!!

My Sou Chef- GORGEOUS husband!!
Baking away
Yummy "original" batter
Baking at 350*
Topping brownie pan #2
What a Dork I AM!!!
Putting them in the oven!
My second Sou Chef!
The YUMMY but Crumbly/messy brownies!!

Made from scratch brownies!!
One pan with peppermint kisses and one "original".

I decided that I would make some YUMMY made from scratch brownies for our game night tonight with all our friends coming over. && I wanted to document the process of it all. So that's exactly what I did! It's so funny, when I was making them Jarrod was cutting up all the peppermints for the topping and I told him that "I feel like a housewife from the 50's, you know the ones who wear there gorgeous dresses and cook and clean"... But really what I meant was that I felt SO BEAUTIFUL and FEMININE just by cooking and preparing a fun dessert for My husband and friends!! Too funny right....

They turned out AMAZING! However, they stuck to the pan and were a little more gooey than i expected!! ( I even cooked them for 10 minutes more than directed) Oh well, they may not be the "50's Beautiful" brownies but they are mighty delicious!!!


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  1. Yummy! They look delicious! I love the documentation of the process, some lucky friends you have that got to eat them! :)


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