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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hunter's Birth Story!

Hunter Michael was born at 4:30 a.m on September 4th,2009! He weighed 7 pounds 8.9 oz (they bumped it to 7lbs 9 oz) 20 inches long!

Long Version:
We went into the hossy to get the Gel on my cervix that day and well I told them that I had been leaking a little fluid (which i thought was still some spotting from my internal) and when they checked me I was 1-2 cm and 50% effaced and Guess what!? My water was broken! So that minor leaking that felt a little more like trickling I had from about 12 that day was the beginning of my water breaking! I WENT INTO LABOR ON MY OWN! wooohoo.. 3 days before my due date! We got admitted and they let me labor on my own since my contrax were about 3 minutes apart! (they were not strong, so i had no idea the cramping was Labor) About 45 minutes later they started to space out to 5-6 minutes apart, so they gave me pitocin to get them back into the 3 minute range well about 4 hours later they were HURTING.. I was not feeling to great! Around 9:45 or 10 I got my Epi. After that I felt Amazing! They checked me after that was done and I was 4-5 cm dilated fully effaced and the nurse said to just relax and be prepared for a long night.. so Jarrod and I just sat around talked and hung out! It was nice to have some us time! The next time I got checked I was about 6-7cm, so we decided to call our family and let them know that they could start coming to the Hospital and wait for us! The nurse was suppose to come back in about 2 hours for my next internal check, well About an hour after I would have a contraction and my body felt like it was pushing! I started to try and keep it from doing that but a few contractions later I told Jarrod that I felt like I was pushing and that maybe we should call the nurse to check it out... Well she came in and began to check me, the next thing i know I'm nauseous and Throwing up (twice) I somehow choked and aspirated! It was the scariest thing i had every gone through! I didn't think i was going to be able to breath again! The Nurse told me to try and breath slowly and relax.(thats really hard to do when your freaking out) I just focused on breathing because I knew if I didn't breathe then Hunter couldn't either! I then started to burp and caught my breath. I took a minute to relax while she checked me and SURE ENOUGH, i was complete and in a +2 station.. He was ready to come out! I started to push and about 30-45 minutes of pushing Hunter was HERE! I watched him come out in the mirror and it was amazing! I immediately started to cry and couldn't believe that My sweet Little boy was here! I watched my 2 boys as they were with the nurses while my Dr. cleaned me up and delivered my placenta. I didn't even feel it come out, I was to busy looking at my boys! The Dr. showed me everything and also told me that I didn't tear! He said i stretched quite a bit but nothing was torn and NO stiches were necessary!! WOOHOO! That was great to hear!
Daddy was so proud and we were both so in love! Tears were shed for a while! It was such a blessing!
I have to say that I had a great pregnancy, delivery and most precious son!

A little later our Peditrician came in to check him out and he was a little blue. she also thought that he could possibly have Downs. When she made us aware we were immediately scared and confused. He was Swifted away to the NICU shortly after and they ran some tests on him. They came back to talk to us about it all about an hour after. Still feeling confused and wishing that there were something i could do for my baby was so hard! I wanted so badly to take it all away! However The Lord had a bigger plan for Hunter! His tests came back that he has an AV canal complete (2 small holes in his heart) and they sent off for the downs testing. The cardiologist came to talk to us and said that he would have to have open heart surgery when he was about 4-6 months but that the surgery was so common and that It would be a low risk surgery for Hunter! Jarrod and I were still scared but we felt that the Lord was in total control and that it would somehow be okay! I just wanted my son to be okay!

After the first night in the NICU. He was already off the Oxygen tube in his nose, off IV fluids (he was eating great) and the Cardiologist had cleared him to go home! He said he has a very healthy Heart minus the 2 small holes! We were thrilled! They ended up moving him to the stable side of The NICU during the night! It was just amazing to see all this progress! They told us in the beginning that he would probably not eat good, and all these scary things and He was showing them all that he was a fighter! I was so amazed with it all and knew that this was the PERFECT way the Lord had made my son and that he was going to be such a wonderful little blessing to not only mine and Jarrod's life but to so many others around him!

He is still in the NICU but only for Jaundice! Can you believe that after ALL they told us would happen with him that Jaundice was the only thing keeping him in the NICU! That is such a blessing!! We have had so much support from our families and friends! It has TRULY been a blessing to have such wonderful support! Hunter is so loved and is doing great! I am HONORED to be his mom and I know that he is the biggest blessing!!

The Lord knew that Jarrod and I were the perfect parents for Hunter. I am overwhelmed with Joy that he thought we were strong enough to take on all that is going to be coming! My son is the sweetest blessing! Jarrod and I so in love with everything about Hunter and are so VERY thankful to our sweet savior for ALL that he has granted us! PRAISE GOD for his sweet grace and love!!

My sweet baby!!

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  1. So glad that your baby boy made it home so quickly. May I add your blog to my blogroll?


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